after this. the grit and grace of change

Do you recall being in your mother’s womb? No. We can’t recall being in our mother’s womb, but we were there. Then, suddenly, through a traumatic experience called birth, you were thrust into a new world…After This, your world changed and there was no going back to the womb…

Your After This experiences demand grit and grace to survive. Grit is resolve and determination. It is courage and strength of character. Grace is not getting what we deserve but getting the unconditional love, forgiveness and enduement of power to move forward. This grit and grace will produce amazing changes you never expected. Are you ready for some wonderful changes in your life?


What others are saying about AFTER THIS

This book changed my life. I had lost hope, but the honest sharing and the tools given have restored my joy. Whatever your battle or struggle may be this book will give you grit and grace for your journey and a renewed joy for living with purpose.

After This offers a clear road map of how to resolve the conflict between scripture and homosexuality. Changes happened but not the changes we expected. Life is worth living once again.

No life experience had prepared me for the pain of shattered dreams when my son shared his battle with homosexuality with our family. After This explains the journey of the changes you are forced to deal with and how to experience a joy filled, purposeful life.

My deeply ingrained beliefs were challenged, and much pain and confusion resulted. After This gave me tools to resolve the conflict with scripture and my life experiences. After This is timely and relevant for our need to evolve as people who love one another.

Perhaps you have been thrust into a divorce or illness or financial crisis. Whatever your struggle might be it will take grit and grace for you to survive your journey into a fulfilling, joyful, purposeful life. After This is about that journey and it delivers the hope, truth and tools for your journey.

Are you ready for some exciting, miraculous changes to happen in your life? Then be sure to read After This The Grit and Grace of Change. There is an empowering of hope, joy and purpose to be discovered.

Dr. Cliff & Darlene Self

Dr. Cliff Self and his wife, Darlene, co-founded Courageous Living Ministries in Southern California. Dr. Self received his Doctor of Ministries Degree from Bethel Christian College where he served as Professor of Biblical Studies. Dr. Self is an inspirational teacher known for his humor and practical application of biblical wisdom. He has authored five books including the best seller, Man Up. Dr. Cliff shares how he resolved his conflict between scripture and homosexuality and other life issues.

Darlene Self graduated from the Zion Conservatory of Art & Music. Her many years of ministry taught her conflict resolution as she navigated many types of changes. Darlene shares her heart as a wife and mother through the challenges life has demanded.

Scott Self graduated summa cum laude from Vanguard University in Southern California. He currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as a real estate broker as well as a producer in non-scripted television. He hopes to bring much needed healing to readers in sharing his journey of acceptance with being gay, his drug addiction and conflict with Christianity.