Hope Coffee Break/ Home Bible Study

We understand life can throw some curves at us and there are times when we

need to know it's okay not to be okay. There are times we can all use someone to lean on.

Jesus said we could lean on Him and He would be our friend.

Everyone is welcome to our home Bible study on Thursday nights in Irvine.

We call it our Hope Coffee Break. We are a friendly group of accepting people who would enjoy your company. Our interactive discussions are relevant and fun.

You will feel right at home. See contact page for location and time.


We want to honor Jesus who gives us hope and teaches us to love all people. We are believing to open Hope Coffee Houses throughout Southern California where in a relaxed environment people can connect and make meaningful discoveries.


We have three specific goals that you could help with:

  • 1 Friends to join us in our vision for Hope Coffee House.
  • 2 Facilities to house Hope Coffee Houses.
  • 3 Finances to fund the vision.

It is our goal for all profits from Hope Coffee House to be used to fight abuse especially fighting human trafficking. Our financial guidelines include helping:

  • Prevent

    people from being trafficked or abused
  • protect

    those who have been trafficked or abused
  • provide

    support services for those who have been trafficked or abused
  • partner

    with law enforcement to fight trafficking and abuse

Pastor Cliff and Darlene

Cliff and Darlene have been married for over 40 years. Cliff received his Doctor of Ministry from Bethel Christian College. He is president of Man UP Ministries and Courageous Living Ministries. Dr. Cliff is an author and inspirational speaker known for his humor and practical application of biblical wisdom.

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